4×1 :: East Of Dillon

Coach Taylor gets a look at his new team, Joe McCoy still has his hand in all things Panthers, Tim comes back home, and Matt never left. Julie changes colors, Vince becomes a jock, and JD becomes a douche. There are a few funny moments, but more gut wrenching moments as season four begins. Listen […]

3×13 Tomorrow Blues – Season 3 Finale! + interview with Whitney Hoy

We saw many things wrap up and many thing seem to have new beginnings. All in all, one of the best episodes we’ve seen so far. So join us in listening in on the podcast as Coach loses his job, East Dillon is reopened, Tyra gets into the University of Texas, and Lyla is going […]

3×13 Tomorrow Blues :: Reaction

Wow… Simply wow. For a season finale it was jammed packed. So many emotions wrapped up in this one. And those watching for the first time on NBC were treated with the renewal news last week, so there is a sense of new beginnings strong in their hearts. But for those FNL fans who watched […]

3×10 The Giving Tree podcast

In this episode of Clear Eyes – Full Hearts we see Matt and Juile get caught in a compromising situation, Coach Taylor’s lock at head coach seem to slip just a little bit, Buddy Garrity lose his money, his cool, and his daughter, and Landry Clarke stand up big time to Tyra. Listen and and […]

3×9 Game of the Week podcast is HERE!

In our second episode of Clear Eyes – Full Hearts, we see Tyra starting to see what Cash is really made of, Matt gets his first real action at WR against Arnett Mead on national television, Riggins talks with college recruiters, Listen and and then leave feedback either here in the comments, by emailing at […]

3×8 New York, New York

In our first episode of Clear Eyes – Full Hearts, we see Street and Riggins making a trip to New York City, Matt Saracen trying to find a way back on the field after being demoted to QB2, and Tyra struggling with decision between going to college and a relationship with Cash the Cowboy. Listen […]