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3×10 Episode :: The Giving Tree

So what did you think of last night’s episode? I thougth it had some powerful moments. And more than a couple confrontational moments. Look for the podcast to be up first of the week. And hope that my cold and hoarse voice goes away quickly too! (Hot tea?) But tell me what you think about […]

Great Interview w/ Jason Katims

I found a great interview w/ the head writer and executive producer of Friday Night Lights, Jason Katims,  on by Kathy Lyford. It offers plenty of insight into some past seasons and also what’s happening currently. So be sure to check it out here. In it he says that the best way to ensure […]

3×9 Game of the Week podcast is HERE!

In our second episode of Clear Eyes – Full Hearts, we see Tyra starting to see what Cash is really made of, Matt gets his first real action at WR against Arnett Mead on national television, Riggins talks with college recruiters, Listen and and then leave feedback either here in the comments, by emailing at […]

Episode 3×9 tonight: Game of the Week

Last week we said goodbye to Street as he moved his life to the Northeast. But tonight it’s all Dillon. The Panthers are in the playoffs, and the pressure is on because the game is a nationally televised one. JD is still the qb but Matt Saracen is looking to make a move onto the […]

3×8 New York, New York

In our first episode of Clear Eyes – Full Hearts, we see Street and Riggins making a trip to New York City, Matt Saracen trying to find a way back on the field after being demoted to QB2, and Tyra struggling with decision between going to college and a relationship with Cash the Cowboy. Listen […]

Welcome to Clear Eyes – Full Hearts

My name is Blake and I’ve been a Friday Night Lights fan since the beginning. I know we’re midways in season three right now, but I decided it was finally time for Friday Night Lights fans to have a podcast of their own. So bear with me as I learn my way around here and […]


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