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4×4 :: A Sort Of Homecoming

In this week’s podcast Blake, Russ, and Pat talk about the episode “A Sort Of Homecoming.” They discuss boosterism, hunting trips, ivy league college dreams, and long walks home for Vince and Luke. Listen and and then leave feedback either here in the comments, by emailing at, or by leaving a voice mail at […]

4×3 :: In The Skin Of A Lion

On this episode of the podcast Blake, Pat, and Russ discuss the latest episode, talk about the potential to jump the shark, get some listener feedback, and look towards next week’s episode. Listen and and then leave feedback either here in the comments, by emailing at, or by leaving a voice mail at 662-259-0185. […]

4×2 :: After The Fall

After a tumultuous start to Season Four, the second episode doesn’t disappoint at all. Buddy gives a tip to his old friend that stirs the pot between East and West Dillon. The tension is still there between Joe McDouche and Tami. But a new tension builds between Coach Taylor and Tami. The Lions quit but […]

4×1 :: East Of Dillon

Coach Taylor gets a look at his new team, Joe McCoy still has his hand in all things Panthers, Tim comes back home, and Matt never left. Julie changes colors, Vince becomes a jock, and JD becomes a douche. There are a few funny moments, but more gut wrenching moments as season four begins. Listen […]

4×1 East Of Dillon :: Reaction?

Wow. Seems that things are back on track and moving quickly. Last season ended both neatly and open ended. Glad it was open ended enough to allow us TWO more seasons. So as we jump into the premiere episode of Season Four of Friday Night Lights here are some questions to think on for the […]

Season Four Is Here!

After a lot of hard decision making, I decided to go ahead and do the podcast during the DirecTV showing of Friday Night Lights. I’d heard that only about 20% of televisions in the US are watching DirecTV, so my initial thought was that not near as many people would be watching this fall as […]

Season Four News

Here is a great interview with Jason Katims, the writer for Friday Night Lights. He doesn’t give away much in the way of spoilers, but he does answer a lot of questions. More than I expected. But from what he says in the interview, it makes me look even more forward to this next season. […]

3×13 Tomorrow Blues – Season 3 Finale! + interview with Whitney Hoy

We saw many things wrap up and many thing seem to have new beginnings. All in all, one of the best episodes we’ve seen so far. So join us in listening in on the podcast as Coach loses his job, East Dillon is reopened, Tyra gets into the University of Texas, and Lyla is going […]

3×13 Tomorrow Blues :: Reaction

Wow… Simply wow. For a season finale it was jammed packed. So many emotions wrapped up in this one. And those watching for the first time on NBC were treated with the renewal news last week, so there is a sense of new beginnings strong in their hearts. But for those FNL fans who watched […]

3×12 Underdogs

In the penultimate episode of Season 3, Underdogs,  we see the Panthers go to State and lose a heartbreaker, the McCoys rally around Joe and a major rift opens between them and the Taylors.  Tyra frets over her college essay, and Landry gets to play in the State game…almost. Also we have an interview with […]

3×12 Underdogs Reaction

Wow…what an episode! So we would love get your thoughts on a few things! What did you think about: Did you expect JD and Katie to shift to protecting Joe McCoy after last week’s emotional ending? Were JD’s emotions from family struggles and friction w/ Coach the cause of his meltdown, or was it just […]

3×11 A Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall

In this episode we see Joe McCoy beat his kid against a SUV, Lyla and Tim switch maturity levels, Grandma Saracen lose it, and redistricting seems to be on the horizon. Also, the great news about the show renewal! Two more seasons! Listen and and then leave feedback either here in the comments, by emailing […]

FNL two season renewal a done deal?

Can you say TOUCHDOWN!? We’ve been hearing for the past week that the official annoucement should come any day now. And today we’re hearing Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello say it’s finally happened.  Though still no “official word” yet from NBC or DirecTV. The details are two more seasons to run like Season 3 did: first […]

3×11 “A Hard Rain” reaction

Wow. Lots of stuff happed tonight. So we want to hear your comments on tonight’s show. What did you think about: Matt yelling at his mom in the hospital? Buddy’s conversation with Riggins as he drove him out to the middle of nowhere. Strange that Buddy looks to Tim for advice? Was Madison a distraction […]

3×10 The Giving Tree podcast

In this episode of Clear Eyes – Full Hearts we see Matt and Juile get caught in a compromising situation, Coach Taylor’s lock at head coach seem to slip just a little bit, Buddy Garrity lose his money, his cool, and his daughter, and Landry Clarke stand up big time to Tyra. Listen and and […]