5×13 :: Always

As the lights finally went down on Dillon, TX our hearts were saddened. But all in all we were satisfied with how things wrapped up. In this episode of The Friday Night Lights Podcast, Lyle and Blake take a look at the final episode and how various story lines concluded. Some expected. Some a surprise.

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3 Responses to 5×13 :: Always

  1. Lori says:

    Once again, in Texas it can be 95 one day and 15 the next or even during the same day. The weather they protrayed was accurate.

  2. Bill says:

    My bother is stationed in Panama City, so I always got a kick out of you ripping on PC Beach.

    Glad you kept the website and podcast up on iTunes for folks like me that go into the show late. Your podcast seems to be the only one left up.

    Osprey, FL

  3. Beth says:

    My work day behind a desk just got a lot better after finding this podcast! So much fun! Re-watching the series right now. Didn't see it live, but loved the movie and have since fallen in love with the show and all the characters. I love that there are more people out there who love it this much as well.

    Re: where Coach Taylor had been coaching.

    My assumption was that he had worked in the area before, but maybe not so close by (they had to move to Dillon – Julie made a big deal about not wanting to move to Austin because she had just gotten settled into Dillon, leading me to think they had to move for Coach to take over the Dillon job). He'd coached Street as a kid in Pee-Wee, then maybe middle/junior high school.

    Possibly Street's family moved to Dillon around that time? But I thought his continued coaching of Street into high school might've come in a more private manner – like he'd traveled to coach that kid, Lucas "Man Eater" from season 1. Maybe he was a private QB coach for Street, but he had to have spent a long time with the kid because of how much his relationship with him is played up in season 1 and all through the lawsuit issues.

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