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FNL Awards – The Buddies!

For our first “post series” podcast we decided to take a stab our some of the Best & Worst of the entire series. And we decided to call them The Buddies in honor of (maybe) our favorite character, Buddy Garrity. We are sure that we probably left out a few things we should have included. […]

5×13 :: Always

As the lights finally went down on Dillon, TX our hearts were saddened. But all in all we were satisfied with how things wrapped up. In this episode of The Friday Night Lights Podcast, Lyle and Blake take a look at the final episode and how various story lines concluded. Some expected. Some a surprise. […]

5×12 :: Texas Whatever + Jeff Rosick (Buddy Jr.)

It’s almost done. Only one more episode to go. But before we get to the last one Blake and Lyle discuss the 12th episode of the season called “Texas Whatever”.