5×10 :: Don’t Go – Plus interview with Angela Rawna

In this episode of This Friday Night Lights Podcast the guys discuss the 10th episode of the season called, “Don’t Go” in which Coach Taylor faces big decisions regarding a possible move to a college head coaching position in sunny Florida. Vince confronts his dad about their pursuit of a football scholarship and Luke begins to take his future into consideration.

We also have an interview with the talented Angela Rawna who plays Regina Howard, mother of Vince Howard. Angela has seen her character take a huge upward swing from when we were first introduced to her. During the interview she offers a unique perspective on working with the cast and crew of FNL as well as what she will take from her time with the show.

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2 Responses to 5×10 :: Don’t Go – Plus interview with Angela Rawna

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  2. AKSA says:

    it's crazy how much blake sounds like saracen [and someone else who's name escapes me atm]. first time listening to this thing and i swear saracen is hosting it. 🙂

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