4×12 – Laboring + Brad Leland Interview


This week Russ, Lyle, and Blake talk through the twelfth episode of season four entitled “Laboring”. Tim gets in trouble with the law, the Lions and Panthers trade pranks on the football field, Tami feels the heat from a potential lawsuit, and Billy is now a daddy. PLUS….we have an interview with Brad Leland who plays Buddy Garrity!

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6 Responses to 4×12 – Laboring + Brad Leland Interview

  1. Dolphin says:

    A long post for the last episode of the season. Great podcast and interview, guys! Brad Leland is such a positive force on the show. He told some great, personal stories. I hope we get to hear him on “El Fuego” next week.

    Following are comments to your reviews, along with some predictions of my own. I know of no spoilers for the season finale except for the episode preview:

    1)Yes, they do drive thru deliveries of babies. It’s typical nowadays.
    2)Did you see Mac’s face during the coaching skirmish? He was as disgusted as Coach Taylor about what was going on. I think it’s possible that Mac Macgill could turn on the Panthers, implicating a few key players. Coach Aikmen said that he would suspend any implicated players from the big game. That would certainly even up the odds at the Lions/Panthers game. And I think somehow Luke will play.
    3)I think one or both of the Riggins brothers *could* take off. Billy put that idea out there. If the do turn on Kennard, one or both of them may not stick around long enough to find out the outcome.
    4)Kennard couldn’t be older than in his 20’s. Guys that run in gangs like that either end up dead or in jail.
    5)Mrs. Collette also appeared on the X Files and Sex and the City.
    6)Coach has always had a beer or a glass of wine with dinner, but the camera does intentionally focus on his drinking this season and very well could be setting up a story line for next season.
    7)The cops were easy on Tim Riggins only because he was a Dillon Panther. Just like the cops aren’t really investigating the vandalism of East Dillon’s field because it’s the Dillon Panthers who have been accused of the crime. Dillon’s fervor for the Panthers is crazy insane … not to be understood.
    8)I don’t think Tami will read the apology as written. I do think she’ll tell Luke’s mother that she’s very sorry for her loss, but that she had nothing to do with it. OR even better, I predict that either Becky and/or Luke will walk in and disrupt the public gathering and tell the truth. I feel terrible for Becky. (But not for telling Tim she loved him. That was too lame.)
    9)I agree there’s been too much, too soon, too heavy this season. I mean, it’s only Thanksgiving! Something good needs to happen, and I think it may be that the Lions beat the Panthers. And if they are going to make a serious run for State next season, wouldn’t they have to beat the Panthers to be credible next season?
    10)Please keep in mind that in a 13 episode season, the writers had to write out Matt and Riggins and write in all the new folks. An impossible task if you ask me. They did a pretty good job. But I agree … I want to see some more football!!!
    11)That’s a good question: Where is Kit Kat?
    12)I have a question about why Coach calls Landry Lance. Do you think Coach has it in for Tom Landry for some unknown and just refuses to even dignify the name? Coach doesn’t explain … he just does what he does or says what he says.
    13)Where did Jess’s mother come from all of a sudden? What an after thought. Where was Steve Harris? Coach and the Lions need him whether Coach knows it or not.

    I can't wait for next week. 🙂

    • Blake says:

      Drive thru babies? Actually my 2nd child was born in the hospital parking lot just outside the door. We didn't make it inside and the baby was READY!

      I do think the writers have done a good job, I just wish we'd had a full 22 episodes for them to work their magic.
      Never thought about the Tom Landry angle.
      That wasn't Jess' mom, she said that was her Aunt. And I think I heard that after last week or so Steve Harris wouldn't be in the rest of the season. That disappoints me because I like his character.

      • Dolphin says:

        Yeah, drive thru delivery or same day is what I've heard it called in the insurance industry. 🙂

        Wow, I hope the hospital gave y'all a discount on your 2nd delivery. (I know they didn't.)

        I"m bummed Steve Harris is gone. Hope he's back next season.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Great podcast guys – really enjoyed it! Brad's recollections of his childhood were surreal in a really cool way!! Can't wait for the final episode. So much up in the air to be resolved, can't wait!

  3. Russ says:

    This is the question for next week, who will get more radio time for next weeks football game? Slammin Sammy or Willie Gault and Buddy Garrity on El Fuego? I can't believe I forgot to talk about that this week.

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