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4×13 :: Thanksgiving + Madison Burge Interview

As the fourth season comes to a close Blake, Russ, and Lyle talk through the season finale and look briefly back at the season that was. But in this episode we hear about Tim going to jail, the “amazing” game with the Lions vs. the Panthers, Landry leaving town and Tami leaving Dillon High. As […]

Jurnee Smollette Interview

A couple of weeks ago we were able to connect with Jurnee and talk about her character Jess, her acting background, and her take on what’s going on in Dillon, Texas. Listen in and then get ready for a thrilling season finale tonight! And here is the audio book she helped create with Nelson Mandela: […]

4×12 – Laboring + Brad Leland Interview

This week Russ, Lyle, and Blake talk through the twelfth episode of season four entitled “Laboring”. Tim gets in trouble with the law, the Lions and Panthers trade pranks on the football field, Tami feels the heat from a potential lawsuit, and Billy is now a daddy. PLUS….we have an interview with Brad Leland who […]