4×8 The Toilet Bowl :: + Ernest James Interview


After a two week absence, we get new episodes of Friday Night Lights. In this edition of the FNL Podcast Blake and Lyle discuss the episode and respond to some listener feedback. We also have an interview with Ernest James who plays Calvin Brown, Vince’s friend.

As always you can listen and and then leave feedback either here in the comments, by emailing at fnlpodcast@gmail.com, or by leaving a voice mail at 662-259-0185. You can also  comment by way of twitter: @FNLpodcast. Remember that you can download or play just below, or subscribe on iTunes by clicking here. And don’t forget to follow us on twitter: @FNLpodcast.

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2 Responses to 4×8 The Toilet Bowl :: + Ernest James Interview

  1. Amy says:

    Hey, it's Amy from @FNL_Fan. Listened to your podcast last night while I was running at the gym and just had to say I was laughing out loud during the review. I think a few people were looking my way while I was laughing, running and sweating simultaneously. Thanks!

    • statedog says:

      Thanks, Amy.
      We had fun with it. Sometimes I'm afraid people may not catch our sarcasm and humor. Glad to know it made you laugh (and maybe some people at the gym as well)!

      Looking forward to hearing Buddy.

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