4×10 :: I Can’t + D.W. Moffett Interview (Joe McCoy)


This week we had an interview with D.W. Moffett who plays everyone’s favorite Dillon bad guy Joe McCoy. And we follow that up with a discussion of the tenth episode of season four, “I Can’t”. It was quite a heavy episode where Becky copes with an unwanted pregnancy, Vince copes with his mom’s addiction and the need for money to place her in rehab, and Tim and Billy dig a really, really big hole.

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4 Responses to 4×10 :: I Can’t + D.W. Moffett Interview (Joe McCoy)

  1. Dolphin says:

    Great interview with DW Moffett. As with other cast interviews, I really enjoy the back story and direction that we, the viewers don't get to see. (I wonder if the now seasoned cast and crew like to mess with the new talent on the show by not telling them much before shooting … after hearing about DW's first scene with Kyle Chandler …. and he really didn't know what was going on at first?)

    This week's ep was very heavy. And I appreciated the comic relief in covering it. My favorites moments of levity ,were politicizing turning to crime for health care (Actually, this has now happened 3 times … you forgot about Luke going to Riggins' Dr. Feelgood referral) and how may cars can be stolen in Dillon without being noticed? … and thinking Coach's car had definitely been stolen. (That would have been great!! Coach's car skeleton buried in that big hole the Riggins brothers dug with their hands.)

    Can't wait for the next episode and the next podcast. 😉

    • statedog says:

      I meant to mention a big "what if". What if Calvin HAD stolen Coach's Explorer. And then when Billy and Tim had it delivered they recognized it as Coach's. And you're right about missing Luke's health care issues.

      D.W. was a great guy to interview. He's passionate about his acting as well. I hope we can talk with him again soon. Thanks for the kind words about the podcast. We enjoy doing it. And we hope others are enjoying it as well.

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  3. Rebecca JIll says:

    The interview iwth D.W. Moffett was awesome. His description of the big parking lot scene between Joe and J.D. was priceless, and I could totally see Jeremy Sumpter, who plays J.D., saying "That's cool!" when D.W. told him he wasn't going to hold back. Again, priceless! And the damage Moffett said that was done to that vehicle … Amazing!

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