4×5 :: The Son


In this week’s podcast Blake, Russ, and Pat welcome Lyle to the conversation as they discuss probably the most emotional Friday Night Lights ever. It was an amazing episode with an amazing performance by Zach Gilford.

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4 Responses to 4×5 :: The Son

  1. sammipunk says:

    For such a sad episode, you guys had a hilarious podcast. I was laughing out loud when I re-listened at work, my co-workers must've thought I was crazy!

    Keep up the great job guys! I really enjoy listening and hearing your ideas and insights into the show!

    • statedog says:

      After watching the episode herself, my wife asked me how anything could be funny or light hearted about such a serious and emotional episode.

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  2. Rebeccajill says:

    For a serious episode and the best episode outside of Season 1, there still was enough hilarious content in it. My favorites being Luke's new name for J.D. and Billy wanting to call Matt, "Mayday," with Tim in the background saying that at no time was Matt ever called "Mayday." Y'all discussed the funny stuff vs. the serious stuff very well.

    Zach Gilford was absolutely brilliant in this episode.

    The more I reflect on the 5 episodes we've gotten this season I'm starting to see Vince as the anti-Smash, lives in bad, rundown apartments with single mom, who is the complete opposite of Mama Smash and football is totally new to him; and Luke as kind of the white version of Smash, definitely more humble but football seems ingrained in him and wants to use it to get out of Dillon. And I see Becky as somewhat of the anti-Tyra, daughter of a single mom with an absent father, but instead of not caring about any goals or school like Tyra did before Tami — Becky wants rides to school and seems eager to go to school and has goals with the pageants, especially since the pageants usually have award/scholarship money.

    I just thought that it's interesting how some of these new characters are mirroring the opposite of some of our older characters, or at least that's how I see it.

  3. Jim says:

    Thanks for the podcast guys. Very entertaining and just ads to my obsession with FNL!

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