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4×1 East Of Dillon :: Reaction?

Wow. Seems that things are back on track and moving quickly. Last season ended both neatly and open ended. Glad it was open ended enough to allow us TWO more seasons. So as we jump into the premiere episode of Season Four of Friday Night Lights here are some questions to think on for the […]

Season Four Is Here!

After a lot of hard decision making, I decided to go ahead and do the podcast during the DirecTV showing of Friday Night Lights. I’d heard that only about 20% of televisions in the US are watching DirecTV, so my initial thought was that not near as many people would be watching this fall as […]

Season Four News

Here is a great interview with Jason Katims, the writer for Friday Night Lights. He doesn’t give away much in the way of spoilers, but he does answer a lot of questions. More than I expected. But from what he says in the interview, it makes me look even more forward to this next season. […]