Welcome to Clear Eyes – Full Hearts

My name is Blake and I’ve been a Friday Night Lights fan since the beginning.

I know we’re midways in season three right now, but I decided it was finally time for Friday Night Lights fans to have a podcast of their own. So bear with me as I learn my way around here and get used to things. But the first episode is up and already making plans for the second episode. I just submitted the podcast to iTunes, so it might take a few days to make it up there. But we gotta be patient.

Remember that I’m wide open for suggestions, critiques, and general comments about the podcast. But I’m also really interested in your thoughts about the television show. So post some comments, send me an email, or call in and leave a message about Friday Night Lights at 646-495-9205 ext. 95469.

Any and all comments are welcomed! And we’ll flesh this site out soon as well. It’s a work in progress!

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2 Responses to Welcome to Clear Eyes – Full Hearts

  1. c says:

    This will be handy.

    Scott Porter (“Street”) blogs on filming this episode:


  2. Dru.. says:

    Hi do you happen to know what is the music score for when Smash WIlliams tried out for Texas A&M in S03e04?

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