Episode 3×9 tonight: Game of the Week

Last week we said goodbye to Street as he moved his life to the Northeast.

But tonight it’s all Dillon. The Panthers are in the playoffs, and the pressure is on because the game is a nationally televised one. JD is still the qb but Matt Saracen is looking to make a move onto the field at WR. Tyra has made a dash for cash, leaving behind her college aspirations, but trouble seems to be on the horizon with “cowboy candy”. And Lyla goes out of her way to help Tim, but an unappreciative Riggins creates tension.

Watch tonight’s episode and then leave comments below about it for the upcoming podcast. Or leave a voice mail at 646-495-9205 x95469.
For other questions to ponder:

  • What do you think of Coach Taylor’s decision to bench Saracen for JD? Would you make that move?
  • Should Eric have given in to Tami on the deal with the house?
  • What was your favorite moment from tonight’s episode (S3E9)
  • To you, what makes Friday Night Lights such an appealing show?
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1 Response to Episode 3×9 tonight: Game of the Week

  1. nikki says:

    Finally have a chance to come leave comments about the show. First of all, enjoyed your last (first) podcast. Look forward to future ones. Enjoyed this show alot (as I do every show)… to answer your questions…

    I don’t like that Coach benched Saracen, however I have enjoyed the character development and interaction it has caused. I kind of like him where he’s at right now and that he has the opportunity to expand his skills.

    I think the deal with the house was handled perfectly. I don’t think Tami even really wanted the house.

    Favorite moments: Tim and Lyla in the car and at the end. Also, Tami and Eric in the hotel – their non-verbal communication is great, and the fact that they do what’s necessary for the kids they work with is awesome. I also loved Landry in this episode.

    I can’t really pinpoint what makes FNL such an appealing show… to me, it’s everything – it’s well written, well acted, produced well and you can tell that the actors, producers, crew… that everyone is invested in the show and the characters. That spills over to the audience. You can’t’ help but want to see these characters succeed and do well. It’s not just a show about football, or a show about high school… it goes beyond and is just a story about life.

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