3×9 Game of the Week podcast is HERE!

In our second episode of Clear Eyes – Full Hearts, we see Tyra starting to see what Cash is really made of, Matt gets his first real action at WR against Arnett Mead on national television, Riggins talks with college recruiters,

Listen and and then leave feedback either here in the comments, by emailing at fnlpodcast@gmail.com, or by leaving a voice mail at 646-495-9205  x95469


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8 Responses to 3×9 Game of the Week podcast is HERE!

  1. Mike Black says:

    This podcast is a great idea, and I wonder why it wasn’t done sooner.

    I don’t think you need to talk through the full episode, but that aside I dig it.

    I’d like to hear more about the negotiations for the 4th and 5th seasons.

    Also…maybe a little trivia. For instance…I have a total geek squad question. Is Landry’s old station wagon the same at the one Mike Winchell drives in the movie?

    I’ve been wondering why the seasons are so expensive on itunes compared to the on-disc versions.


  2. Blake says:

    Do you mean not giving a full episode recap? Gotcha. I shortened it down a lot from last week trying not to give every single scene in order. But do you think it could be even more abbreviated?

    • So more news about the possible renewal. Check.
    • It seems that iTunes is charging $2.99 for all episodes of new shows. I checked 24, LOST, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Fringe. All were $2.99 like Friday Night Lights. But if you want it for $1.99 you can check out Amazon.com. And then of course there’s always NBC.com, Hulu.com, and SurfTheChannel.com for free. But this year it seems that iTunes upped their prices.
    •  Those are good questions for the trivia. I’ll see what I can find out. And if anyone else knows the answer feel free to chime in.

    Thanks for the comment, Mike.

  3. nikki says:

    Actually, on itunes, it’s $2.99 a show if you want HD… you can still get them in standard definition for $1.99. If you search Friday Night Lights season 3 it brings up the HD show list… off to the right there’s an icon that says “also available in standard definition”. If you click on that it will bring up the episode list and they are all $1.99.

    It’s like this for all shows… you can choose between HD or standard def. Not sure if in the future it will all be HD or not, but for now you have the choice.

  4. Alex says:

    Hi Blake. Really like your first podcast and am always thrilled to hear what fellow mega-fans of FNL have to say about the show.

    I agree that I’d prefer if you didn’t recap the entire episode scene for scene. Maybe just talk about a couple of key scenes and what you thought of it?

    Maybe bring up some of the blink and you’ll miss ’em moments – which, due to the nature of the tone and style of the show – there are bound to be many others may not have picked up.

    Overall, I’d say it would be great to hear more about you and your impression of particular scenes – the memorable quotes, the song choices, the wardrobe (always worth talking about) and what Kyle Chandler’s hair is saying – coz its always communicating with the audience, stealthily. Haha!

    Looking forward to more podcasts.

    Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

  5. Alex says:

    Oh hey Blake. Me again.

    I only just heard your 2nd podcast and noticed you did everything that I suggested in my previous post! So well done. Loved it.

  6. Blake says:

    @Nikki – Yep, you’re right. I knew I’d seen the Standard Def prices once before, but couldn’t find it again. Thanks. And I think the $1.99 episodes on Amazon.com are standard def too.

    @Alex – Thanks for the encouragement. And thanks for the suggestions. I’m in the middle of a cold right now, so I hope my voice wasn’t too hoarse.

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