3×10 Episode :: The Giving Tree


So what did you think of last night’s episode? I thougth it had some powerful moments. And more than a couple confrontational moments. Look for the podcast to be up first of the week. And hope that my cold and hoarse voice goes away quickly too! (Hot tea?) But tell me what you think about a few things:

  • Did you expect Coach just to walk on into Matt’s house? And did you expect him just to walk out w/o saying anything?
  • How did you think the conversation between Coach and Matt went while Eric was cleaning the grill?
  • Tell us what you thought of “The Giving Tree” speech that Landry gave to Tyra?
  • And the confrontation between Lyla and Buddy with Tim in the mix. What were your thoughts there?
  • And while not really a confrontation, the tension in the McCoy household over Madison. How do you feel about that, and how do you think it will play out?

Remember you can  leave comments below for the upcoming podcast. Or leave a voice mail at 646-495-9205 x95469. Or you can always email FNLpodcast@gmail.com. And be sure to follow the podcast on Twitter too! @FNLpodcast.

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