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4×13 :: Thanksgiving + Madison Burge Interview

As the fourth season comes to a close Blake, Russ, and Lyle talk through the season finale and look briefly back at the season that was. But in this episode we hear about Tim going to jail, the “amazing” game with the Lions vs. the Panthers, Landry leaving town and Tami leaving Dillon High. As […]

Jurnee Smollette Interview

A couple of weeks ago we were able to connect with Jurnee and talk about her character Jess, her acting background, and her take on what’s going on in Dillon, Texas. Listen in and then get ready for a thrilling season finale tonight! And here is the audio book she helped create with Nelson Mandela: […]

4×12 – Laboring + Brad Leland Interview

This week Russ, Lyle, and Blake talk through the twelfth episode of season four entitled “Laboring”. Tim gets in trouble with the law, the Lions and Panthers trade pranks on the football field, Tami feels the heat from a potential lawsuit, and Billy is now a daddy. PLUS….we have an interview with Brad Leland who […]

4×11 – Injury List + Zach Gilford Interview

This week Russ, Lyle, and Blake discuss the eleventh episode of Season Four called “Injury List”. The episode once again held lots of heaviness in the story lines. Luke’s injury becomes public, Tami faces a possible firing, Eric feels the pressure of the gave vs. the Dillon Panthers and Vince turns back to crime. As […]

All The Right Moves video montage :: Friday Night Lights

Watching this video makes me miss the first three seasons of FNL. Don’t get me wrong. I’m loving season four. But I loved the first three as well. And for the record, I didn’t think Season Two was bad like a lot of people. I liked one and three better…yes. But still liked season two.

Derek Phillips Interview (Billy Riggins)

We were able to have a conversation with Derek Phillips late last week about Friday Night Lights. Derek has played Billy Riggins for all four seasons of Friday Night Lights and has a unique perspective on the show. So listen in as we talk about Billy, Pete Berg, how he became a cast member, and […]

4×10 :: I Can’t + D.W. Moffett Interview (Joe McCoy)

This week we had an interview with D.W. Moffett who plays everyone’s favorite Dillon bad guy Joe McCoy. And we follow that up with a discussion of the tenth episode of season four, “I Can’t”. It was quite a heavy episode where Becky copes with an unwanted pregnancy, Vince copes with his mom’s addiction and […]

4×9 Lights Of Carroll Park

Blake, Lyle, and Russ talk through episode “The Lights of Carroll Park”, the ninth episode of season four. Becky finds out she’s got one in the oven, Eric witnesses a shooting, Vince gets a job at Ray’s, and Julie finds Ryan at the Habitat House. As always you can listen and and then leave feedback […]

4×8 The Toilet Bowl :: + Ernest James Interview

After a two week absence, we get new episodes of Friday Night Lights. In this edition of the FNL Podcast Blake and Lyle discuss the episode and respond to some listener feedback. We also have an interview with Ernest James who plays Calvin Brown, Vince’s friend. As always you can listen and and then leave […]

The Hiatus-Cast

During the time out from new episodes of Friday Night Lights Blake and Russ did a joint podcast with the ladies from the “Friday Night Lights Fan Podcast“. Amy and Kaitlin join the guys as they all talk through New Years resolutions for the guys and girls of Dillon and also discuss the new characters […]

Lamarcus Tinker Interview

On a special holiday edition of The Friday Night Lights Podcast we talk with Lamarcus Tinker who plays Dallas Tinker on Friday Night Lights. He tells of his path to Austin and FNL plus a little what it is like to be a part of the cast and crew. You can follow Lamarcus on twitter […]

4×7 :: In The Bag

Coach Taylor and Vince take a further step into trusting each other while Julie is hurting after Matt’s departure. Billy is feeling financial strains again while Tim gets down and dirty with Becky’s dad. Tinker show’s his construction skills to Luke’s dad, but Luke suffers an injury at the ranch. Listen and and then leave […]

4×6 :: Stay

After one of the best episodes in recent memory of FNL last week, the guys discuss the episode Stay. Matt and Julie attend SXSW, Lyla is back in Dillon, the Lions find a new offense, while JD maintains his jerk status. And as a special treat, we also have an interview with Drew Waters, who […]

4×5 :: The Son

In this week’s podcast Blake, Russ, and Pat welcome Lyle to the conversation as they discuss probably the most emotional Friday Night Lights ever. It was an amazing episode with an amazing performance by Zach Gilford. Listen and and then leave feedback either here in the comments, by emailing at, or by leaving a […]

Televison Discussion

As Friday Night Lights took a week off Blake, Russ, and Pat discussed the state of television in general. Listen and and then leave feedback either here in the comments, by emailing at, or by leaving a voice mail at 662-259-0185. You can also leave a comment on our twitter, @FNLpodcast. Remember that you […]