4×13 :: Thanksgiving + Madison Burge Interview

Madison Burge

As the fourth season comes to a close Blake, Russ, and Lyle talk through the season finale and look briefly back at the season that was. But in this episode we hear about Tim going to jail, the “amazing” game with the Lions vs. the Panthers, Landry leaving town and Tami leaving Dillon High.

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On the finale review:

Although a little fantastical … I loved the Lions win. Did you see how much Coach had been planning and strategizing for that game? Do you honestly think that Wade Aikmen is a better coach than Coach Taylor? I think the close win was believable.

(Suddenly, Landry's punishment for the toothpick incident of kicking a 40 yarder so that his team mates could stop playing "jingle-jangle" made perfect sense. For all we know, he made a 40 yard field goal off camera because of that drill. And Coach figured with a little adrenaline … he could go even further.)

Tinker stood in the end zone and caught the ball. Very unexpected … which is why it worked.

This has been discussed before: If the Lions are headed for State next season … the Lions HAD to beat the Panthers to be halfway plausible for next season.

By the way, the reason the Riggins didn't have their own Thanksgiving is because Mindy just had a baby. Literally days before.

Also, don't you think that the big Thanksgiving at the Taylors (with Coach inviting Buddy and Vince last minute) was so Tami and Eric didn't really have to deal with each other … with Tami's job hanging in the balance? To keep their minds off all the stress of the Big Game and Tami's meeting the following Saturday with the Superintendent? That's what I got out of it.

I will say that after this whole, tough season … I LOVED seeing the smile on Coach Taylor's face (and Tami's and Julie's too. And Buddy's and lots of other people come to think of it). It's about time!

Can't wait for season 5. 🙂

You're right, Coach had been wanting that win since the board meeting last spring. And no, Aikman is no match when it comes to coaching skills, but the Lions were in complete disarray with only 18 players to start the season. But in the end, I'm ok with the win I think. And good point about Landry maybe getting some leg strength from his prank.

I'd not thought of the big Thanksgiving dinner being used as a distraction for the Taylors. And you're right that Mindy was in no shape to be cooking a big dinner, though I'm not sure she would have even if she hadn't.

Season Five is shaping up to be epic.

Woo Hoo. I know Season 4 just aired and will air again on NBC … but I can't wait for Season 5. 🙂

I'm so invested in these characters.

"His hair lost its luster. It wasn't as shiney."
"I'm glad he's going to jail."

Taken out of context, those are the most beautiful statements ever made.

Hahaha. Russ had talked about his hair a few times before. I was trying to get a reaction from him. But Tim's hair had been almost greasy for a while.

Tim in jail…we'll have to wait and see where his story goes.

The more I think about it, it doesn't seem that implausible that they would win the game.

The fashion that they did it in seems ridiculous, but nonetheless, I kinda like how they ended everything.

Hahaha. Russ had talked about his hair a few times before. I was trying to get a reaction from him. But Tim’s hair had been almost greasy for a while. Tim in jail…we’ll have to wait and see where his story goes.

Being a Fan of Blake, happy to hear this! I am regular visitor to your web page, since your website includes several articles on FNL awards. Please provide the recording videos of the event in the coming days!

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