4×9 Lights Of Carroll Park


Blake, Lyle, and Russ talk through episode “The Lights of Carroll Park”, the ninth episode of season four. Becky finds out she’s got one in the oven, Eric witnesses a shooting, Vince gets a job at Ray’s, and Julie finds Ryan at the Habitat House.

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Great podcast, from a former Memphis gal. Found you on the joint podcast with fridaynightlightsfan.com (Blake, has anyone every told you that you sound like Matt Saracen?)

You guys are pretty funny … love the Gracie schtick and the male POV. Looking forward to the D.W. Moffett interview. I've heard he's a super nice guy, so would you ask him how it feels to be the most hated guy out there (for being instrumental in getting Coach Taylor shipped off to the other side of the tracks)? Thanks!

An afterthought after last post … and some trivia.

Steve Harris (Big Merri) and Brad Leland (Buddy) were in a 3 episode, made-for-TV miniseries starring Kyle Chandler back in 1994, called "Heaven & Hell: North and South (Book III)." It must be like old home week for these 3 guys. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108823/

One more FNLs trivia …. W.G. Snuffy Walden (composer) is credited with scores of TV and movie theme songs, including Friday Night Lights and Early Edition (starring Kyle Chandler). http://www.wgsnuffywalden.com/musicframe.html

Recently discovered the podcast and enjoy it. I noticed your comments on the size of the Dillon players. Compare that with the description of the players at Odessa Permian High School. Bissinger notes several times that a lot of those guys–past and present to the time he was writing about–were fairly small. Since Dillon is a fictionalized version of Odessa, the size of the players could be intentional. I read the book recently when someone pointed out (on Alan Sepinwall's blog) that this season of FNL was a lot more like the book in the way it brought out the division in the town. Based its description on what I think was the soutwest side of town with a high school that was 99% black (until it was closed in 1980-81 and students were redistricted to either Permian or the less affluent Odessa High) it's also fairly believable that folks like Eric would have no idea what that side of town was like. Apparently, the murder rate in Odessa is one of the highest in the nation too–at least it was at the time the book was written and I believe it is still quite high for a town of its size.

@Dolphin – Nice site. And thanks for listening! And you have some pretty cool trivia insights. I do realize the two podcasts have a definite lean to all male or all female point of view. But I think they can compliment each other a bit. And, yes, I've had a couple of people mention in email that my voice sounds a bit like Saracen's. I don't hear it, myself. But I don't really care for my voice a whole lot anyhow…heh heh.

Thanks again for the listen. Call in sometime if you get a chance!

@Danie – Interesting point about the correlation with the Permian team. I'd not thought of that. And you're right about the racial makeup of the community. But what still makes me scratch my head is that (I assume) we're supposed to believe that all the kids of East Dillon went to school last year at old Dillon High, right?

No doubt a lot of those kids went to Dillon High. But my husband and I were discussing this and we figured that there was probably quite a lot of redistricting and kids like Luke may have been going to a county school rather than Dillon High.

You are so right. I've wondered if there were other schools that could have gotten caught up in the opening of East Dillon. That's a question worth finding out some how.

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