Season Four Is Here!

After a lot of hard decision making, I decided to go ahead and do the podcast during the DirecTV showing of Friday Night Lights. I’d heard that only about 20% of televisions in the US are watching DirecTV, so my initial thought was that not near as many people would be watching this fall as would be in the summer when it’s on NBC. But there are plenty of ways for people to get around that slight restriction. I know plenty of people who actually watched it both on DirecTV and also on NBC. So we’ll go with the initial run, because the die hard fans are going to find a way. Am I right?

Having said that, if you do plan to wait until it’s NBC run, then come back then. Because you don’t want to be spoiled.

As always, please feel more than free to leave feedback, comments, and suggestions here on the blog, on the voice mail line (662.259-0185) , or by emailing the show.

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