3×13 Tomorrow Blues :: Reaction


Wow… Simply wow.

For a season finale it was jammed packed. So many emotions wrapped up in this one. And those watching for the first time on NBC were treated with the renewal news last week, so there is a sense of new beginnings strong in their hearts. But for those FNL fans who watched this season finale first on DirecTV (or by other means) in January there was a huge sense of finality and loss of the seemingly probably end of Friday Night Lights.

But we can all breath a sigh of relief, right? Here are some questions to think on for the upcoming podcast. We invite you to comment, email, or call in (206.339.5531) with your reaction and we’ll include it in the show. Here are a few questions to think about:

  • Did the shot of the Dillon baseball team at the opening throw you off? Ha, it did me.
  • Did you really expect Tyra to make it into Texas?
  • Will Tim go to SASU or stick close to Dillon?
  • How ludicrous was Billy’s wedding? The outfits, the wedding band, the reception band?
  • Not a SINGLE person stood up for Coach Taylor at the meeting?
  • Where do you think Buddy’s loyalties lie? With Joe McCoy/Dillon Panthers or Eric Taylor?
  • Strange dynamic if Tami Taylor stays at Dillon High, don’t you think?
  • JD is a rising Sophomore and is a national player candidate?

Leave feedback either here in the comments, by emailing at fnlpodcast@gmail.com, or by leaving a voice mail at 646-495-9205  x95469 or on Twitter @FNLpodcast.

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7 Responses to 3×13 Tomorrow Blues :: Reaction

  1. Chris says:

    Yes, this episode was a very emotional one and I'll echo your 'wow' statement. My comments on your questions follow:

    1.) I think I read that the last episode would be a 'fast-forward' to five months later, so the scene of the swimming and the baseball was expected and not much of a surprise.

    2.) After seeing the team lose the State Championship, I knew enough not to 'expect' that Tyra would get into UT. One thousand kids were on that waiting list, and I actually felt–somehow–that she'd be a Bridesmaid all over again with those long odds. But that scene where she opened the letter was emotionally superb. We needed something to ease the pain after seeing the team lose their final game a week earlier.

    3.) I think we're seeing enough of the 'main characters' go on to higher education that Tim will likely stay home in Dillon. I also don't think he'll be 'fixing cars and drinking beer' with his brother, either. Would it be too far-fetched to see him in some religious capacity? Not to me; Tim has a very good inner core.

    4.) The families in Dillon are 'low-budget' families. It follows that the wedding would have that look to it, too. I thought it was over-the-top, but in a good way. I loved it.

    5.) YES! Coach came in and said his piece and left with a simple, 'You have a good Saturday.' That bothered me, but his wife wanted Eric to stand for himself and he most certainly did that. You almost want every bad thing to happen to Dillon now, and every good thing to happen to E. Dillon. Somehow, I think cooler heads will prevail and Eric might well remain at Dillon.

    6.) This whole redistricting thing is a mess, but Coach Taylor stood off to the side and was an observer rather than a participant. Joe and Buddy led that whole effort, which means that Coach Taylor has some leverage over both of them. All he has to do is go public with the whole 'zig-zag' boundary and those two will be cut down to size. The gun that was in Joe's hands will now be in Eric's.

    7.) It is a strange dynamic is Tami stays and Coach Taylor goes, which is why I think cooler heads may prevail. Can Coach Taylor build an entire (successful) football program in a decrepit stadium within a thirteen-episode season? I'd like to see them try, which is another way of saying that I hope they don't.

    8.) Poor JD…caught in the middle of bickering adults. This reminds me of the little beauty pageant girls who are ordered around like little puppets by their doting mothers. You realize that the mothers are living vicariously through their daughters…entering pageants that they never were able to win. Same thing with JD and how his father Joe is molding this whole thing. We need some evidence that this sort of thing does NOT work, which is why I think a lot of this redistricting falls apart and Joe is outed as the big orchestrator of it. He'll quickly be seen as the 'baddie' here.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I think Coach Taylor assessed his situation, good and bad, and realized East Dillon offered a release from the vice grip Joe McCoy had him in. He probably sees the challenge for himself in building East Dillon's football program, basically from scratch. I don't see Coach Taylor as a person who would let disappointment, loss (or betrayal?) get to him for long. I imagine coaching football in Texas is not a job with a lot of security. He knows that and can quickly move on. I'm excited for him.
    It seems to me that Tami and Eric being at different schools is also something that they will turn into a positive. If any couple could, it would be those two. The conflicts that do arise will make good story lines. Buddy Garrity is also freed up if you think about it. Lyla is off to college and Joe McCoy is such a dominant force in the Dillon football program that Buddy may find that he is more appreciated at East Dillon. We shall see.
    The new coaching position kind of explains the lack of characters carrying over. The focus next season will be on the Taylor family and the rebuilding job Coach has ahead of him. And, of course, there will be a whole new slate of characters with the new school.
    BTW, i was under the wrong impression that East Dillon was a new high school. So, do i understand this correctly? East Dillon high school is being reopened? Or what?
    Thanks for your podcasts. I'm looking forward to them next year. Count on me to keep in touch.

  3. JC Cody says:

    Blake –
    I stumbled onto your podcast and site about three weeks ago. Like everyone here I am a HUGE FNL fan. I grew up playing Texas High School football. In fact, I was playing around the time the Odessa Permian Panthers (the team the movie is based off of) was dominating the state. The show is incredibly well written, directed, produced and acted. It’s great – which worries me because it seems the only television people want are reality shows or badly written sitcoms. That brings up my two biggest worries – How can the FNL fan base grow with a show that runs on a satellite provider months before its network airing. And two: how will Clear Eyes – Full Hearts provide content with such a large gap of time? I feel like I’ve got two shows that I love going on a VERY long hiatus.

    This is getting long so I will cut to the chase. The season finale sets up a great springboard for marvelous shows next fall. Coach Taylor will be the underdog against all odds. David and Goliath. To me the final scene where he takes Tami to the field said one thing: “This is where I will make my stand.”
    Matt will stay to take care of his Grandma – the arc between he and Julie will continue to build.
    Tim will go to San Antonio State – the question is can he stay there?
    Watch the scenes at the wedding between Buddy and Tyra’s mom. I see them hooking up next year. It brought down his marriage and could lead to something interesting.
    The big showdown will be when Coach Taylor’s Dillon East Lions go after JD and the Panthers. Does coach tell his team to hurt JD – I doubt it, but it will be dramatic.

    I am confused about the East Dillon. I thought they were creating a whole new school – not rebuilding one that had been shut down. That would explain how they can opens the doors before the next year.

    Also One note: Even in the state of Texas any coach that took his team to the State finals three years in a row would never be replaced – no matter how much money a booster threw around.

    Keep up the good work – I can’t wait to download the new episodes.

  4. Chris says:

    Is it a done deal that Taylor is coach of the E. Dillon team starting next season? Or is there some shoe that may drop causing Joe McCoy's plan to fall apart? I know this last 'fade-to-black' left us with the impression that Coach has been railroaded to the other school. I'm just thinking that he has other cards to play (redistricting) that may easily reverse the whole thing. Maybe that's wishful thinking on my part.

  5. cecily says:

    I absolutely expected Tyra to make it into UT. That girl has had such a hard life, and when you think about it, she's the only female character on the show who has had a redemptive arc. The other female characters were all pretty much good girls (who ocassionally made bad choices), but Tyra was, in my opinion, the female counterpoint to Smash.

    I'm trying to care about the McCoys, but I just can't. It largely has to do with Janine Turner (and her way too severe eye makeup) and D.W. Moffatt's scenery chewing. The thing I've always loved about this show is that even with bigger than life characters, they were usually played with subtleties. These two came on as gigantic plot devices that we could see coming a mile away. Maybe I'll change my mind about them next season, but as it stands now, I wouldn't miss them if they suddenly packed up and moved to South Georgia or something.

    Re: Buddy's loyalties – as much as he admires and loves Eric, his loyalties lie with the Dillon Panthers, and they always will. Still, now that Joe McCoy is in town and has much deeper pockets than Buddy ever did, I think we'll see Buddy start to see the writing on the wall and realize he's no longer needed. This could have tremendous potential now that Lyla's gone. A continuation of the "lost Buddy" we've seen for the last two seasons, which positions him for a really great redemptive arc. I'd love to see that. And who knows? Maybe Santiago might actually come back..

    Great post and site – I'll be back. 🙂

  6. Chris says:

    As for Buddy, he'll be out of the car dealership business for good if the writers want to portray things accurately! He's a Chevy dealer, right? Which makes the whole thing all the more ironic. Poor guy; more often than not, he means well.

  7. statedog says:

    All good comments.
    @Chris, you always make me think with your theories about where the storylines are going. I don't always see it happening, but then again the writers have thrown me for a loop a time or two. And good point about the Chevy dealership. But I think I'm sold on Eric being the head coach over at East Dillon. But it does seem like A LOT has to happen for that new school over the summer.

    @Cynthia – I think East Dillon has been a school, then it was closed down for whatever reason. But now they're looking to reopen it and get more money from the state of Texas in each school system. But the curious thing is that the same school board will run each school?

    @JC – Thanks for the kind words about the podcast. Still brainstorming about ways to improve it. Open to any suggestions. And you make a good point about it being a wild decision to let Coach Taylor go. I can make it work in my head, even though I still say it's a slim chance it would have happened. I respond a little bit about it in the podcast. And for the record, I can't imagine Coach Taylor ever calling for a player to be taken out by injury.

    @cecily – I'm not liking the McCoys either. I thought that Katie had a good head on her shoulders. Now I'm not so sure. Even if she did decide to give Joe another chance, why shun Tami? Makes no sense. And I can easily see Joe ousting Buddy from "King Booster" position.

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