3×13 Tomorrow Blues – Season 3 Finale! + interview with Whitney Hoy

We saw many things wrap up and many thing seem to have new beginnings. All in all, one of the best episodes we’ve seen so far. So join us in listening in on the podcast as Coach loses his job, East Dillon is reopened, Tyra gets into the University of Texas, and Lyla is going to Vandy. And it appears Tim is going to SASU while Matt is staying in Dillon with Grandma.

And we also have an interview w/ Whitney Hoy who plays Madison Balmer on Friday Night Lights. So join us on our longest podcast yet!


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I am starting to get some resentment for Matt's Grandmother. She's a lovely lady in need of help, but we have a young man whose future plans are essentially derailed thanks to her. I don't want that to sound insensitive, but at the same time I wish this woman had a shred of feeling for (or interest in!) her grandson's future. So far, she just wants her 'damned slippers!'

Whew…I needed to vent ;-).

Wow, Chris. Heh heh. I don't see Grandma quite a villain right now. She made peace with going to the Retirement Village. She was going to be happy there with her knick knacks and all. But it was Matt's decision to go and get her. She didn't force it on him at all. Right?

Yes…I see where you're coming from. Grandma did seem to 'accept' the retirement home idea, so I will give her that. Still, I can't help feeling a bit sad for Matt. He's got a mother who is willing and able to help, to the extent that Grandma accepting of that offer. That she really isn't 'accepting' puts the onus squarely back on Matt's shoulders. So indirectly, Grandma is still responsible for Matt probably forgoing art school in Chicago. Anyway, one reason why we all love this show is because it spurs on discussions like this!

I love FNL and thanks for doing the podcast!

Has anyone ever talked about some of the problems with the show? I have coached high school ball in Texas for 10 years (if I make it to next year), and while this show is the most realistic and best-written sports show I've ever seen, I still have a problem with how the booster club is portrayed. It is illegal for booster clubs to do half of the things the Dillon booster club does, including recruiting, paying players, paying a coach's salary, hiring or firing coaches.


I understand that recruiting does take place and so do illegal gifts, but no booster club has the power to fire a coach. They may apply pressure to administration, but they can't do anything official. And no head coach would visit a "recruit". The UIL (state athletic governing body) is very on top of what happens in these matters.

I know this is nit-picky, but my wife is tired of hearing me complain, so I had to dump this on someone else.

I love this show because we had our baby about the time Gracie was born, and I felt a lot of the same pressures and hardships that Coach Taylor did. The Taylors are my all-time favorite TV family.

Thanks for giving me another way to experience this show!

I can't believe Season 3 is over! I am in awe of the outside people working to make this show such a real life experience kind of show. Answer some of your questions from you last post:
1. The baseball thing was a little funky but there is know way baseball would take the place of the "Texas football society" in the town of Dillion. It has way to much significance in regards to all characters.
2. With all Tyra has been through and her development/ growth through being friends with Landry, I was pretty happy when I saw she got into Texas. I appreciate her character more especially because Tami saw the positive in Tyra which influenced her decisions. Also, throughout the show Tyra always learns from her lessons the hard way and somehow always remembers the positive influences in her life to find the light at the end of the tunnel.
3. I hope Tim goes to college, but something inside me feels like he won't make it there. The show has not yet found a key influence or impact happen to Tim Riggin's character, which makes me hesitant to think he will stay at college.
4.Billy's wedding in general is weird and Mindy is one interesting woman. Although Billy has his moments, you can tell that he cares very much for Tim and Mindy. He wants to give them both the world. He wants to raise a beautiful family with his wife and soon to be mother maybe because he never experienced that growing up himself. But he truly wants Tim to succeed to prove to himself and his future children that there are far better things in the world you just need to believe in yourself and fight for what you want!
(I had chills when Billy told Tim he wants his kids to look up to their Uncle Tim)
4.This whole redistricting this is a great plot twist! Although it pisses me off and I find the boosters very arrogant and disrepectful, the character of Coach Taylor takes on any challenge with the mindset, "Clear eyes, Full hearts, Can't lose." He will remember this betrayal and reinforce his anger in a positive way. I believe his next coaching job and new football team, will show those people who didn't stand for him, what his mindset as a father, coach, and friend means to himself and the town of Dillion, Texas.

I just want to thank you for your podcasts! They are great to listen to and hear all about FNL a show I have grown to love on Netflix! They need to create more real life experience shows like these.
Thank you!

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