3×12 Underdogs


In the penultimate episode of Season 3, Underdogs,  we see the Panthers go to State and lose a heartbreaker, the McCoys rally around Joe and a major rift opens between them and the Taylors.  Tyra frets over her college essay, and Landry gets to play in the State game…almost. Also we have an interview with Aaron Spivey-Sorrells who plays Coach Spivey, one of the assistant coaches for the Dillon Panthers on Friday Night Lights.

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I enjoyed the interview very much, especially Spivey's comment about actors being able to take a scene where their heart and emotions guide them. This is where you get great acting, when enough flexibility is baked into the process to allow for best results. I'm all for this type of process, and everyone on FNL–all the way up and down the food chain–deserves credit. If the Riggins character thinks a scene might play better said a different way, by golly let him go out and try it!

Thanks, Chris. I agree that one of the unique things about FNL is the freedom the actors have to work within their character. It makes it more "real" for the actors in the scene too, I was told by one of the cast members. And there are three cameras rolling at the same time, so they never know what direction they're being shot from either.

You ready for some East Dillon Lions?

Of course I expect JD and Katie to protect Joe McCoy. I totally thing what Joe did was wrong and needs to be handled, but Katie loves her husband and JD loves his dad. So that makes it difficult for them to understand and comprehend why Coach Taylor and Tami, who they have become if you want to say "good friends" with over the past couple episodes. The way JD talks back to Coach Taylor may just be his confusion and frustration with his own father. Coach Taylor was doing what he would do if any man put their hands on a child especially a child, his football player, he cares about. He treats his players as his own family.
JD removal as QB in this scene totally has to do with his family issues leading to his anger towards Coach Taylor. I believe he can handle Texas football, we have seen it before. BUT, JD may not understand what it means to be a DILLION PANTHER and how honored he should be to be wearing that uniform. Being able to separate his family life and his Dillion family on the field is what would make him a true Panther. I believe that is why Coach Taylor tries so hard to get to know JD as a person not as Joe McCoy's son!
Words cannot describe how hard Landry works for what he wants in life. He is persistent and strives to the fullest. Yes, he got drunk once and almost missed that game but he redeemed himself with his block during the game. A few episodes ago in the locker room in front of all the coaches and players, Landry told the team what it means to be a panther. He gave a goosebump of a speech. He may not be a key popular football player but her surely understands the saying "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose."
My favorite part of this episode was Tim leaving his cleats on the field. Yes, I had a few tears! I was unable to figure out or predict what Tim would be doing in the next episode/ season.
I found it very foreshadowing in the decision Coach Taylor made to put Matt in as QB. It reminded me of all the times Coach fought to defend why Matt should be QB because he understood and showed compassion for wearing that Blue and Gold jersey. Coach Taylor was influenced by others to put in JD and I think this last minute decision to put Matt in the game was proving to him he should have listened to his heart all along.

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