FNL two season renewal a done deal?


Can you say TOUCHDOWN!?

We’ve been hearing for the past week that the official annoucement should come any day now. And today we’re hearing Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello say it’s finally happened.  Though still no “official word” yet from NBC or DirecTV.

The details are two more seasons to run like Season 3 did: first on DirecTV’s 101 Network, and then on NBC. Two more seasons of thirteen episodes each.

Many storylines from Season 3 are wrapping up as we watch. And there are lots of questions about current characters and if they have a future in Dillon or not. And if so, what sort of situations will they be in? And we have to assume that there will be more students, players, and adults to add to season four, right?


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This is terrific news! I'm such a fan of this show, I can see why the owner of this blog & podcast took the time to set them up. I'd proudly be an evangelist for FNL and I'd like to find ways of doing so. I'll carry the torch for this show far and wide.

Now, what goes on in Seasons four and five? Well, for one, we need a story line showing incoming Freshmen…maybe interweave it into the whole redistricting thing. But High School is all about kids coming and going. So far, we've seen much more of the latter and not much of the former (the only 'new' players in my memory were transfers).

I've already chimed in with my thesis that Katie might be tempted into the arms of Coach Taylor. There's a fissure between Katie and her husband, touched off by a conflict over JD's relationship with the girlfriend. A conflict that came to blows and was later–gently–diffused by Coach. Did Katie file this away like an observant woman would? You betcha!

The principal characters of FNL need to move on. Not because we want them to, but because that's what high school kids do. The writers are smart enough to weave these story lines into the show, and they'll have to do a whole lot of it next year. The sadness (and risk) is that we as viewers don't get as attached to the 'newcomers' as we did to the original characters. We love this show, in large measure, because of the writing and the way the actors carry that writing off in their dialogue. It's a high bar that casting directors will have in ferreting out these 'newcomers.' Most certainly that process is underway if not already done.

Two things to help boost ratings: Pick another 'Night' for Friday Night Lights. And then, do something–anything–to help diffuse the perception that this show is only 'about football.'

It would be a true coup if you could get an interview with some of the actors/actresses for your Podcast. It's a great Podcast as it stands now, however, and I'll be a faithful follower.

Chris in New Hampshire

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