3×11 “A Hard Rain” reaction

Wow. Lots of stuff happed tonight. So we want to hear your comments on tonight’s show.

What did you think about:

  • Matt yelling at his mom in the hospital?
  • Buddy’s conversation with Riggins as he drove him out to the middle of nowhere. Strange that Buddy looks to Tim for advice?
  • Was Madison a distraction during a water break?
  • Was JD disrespectful, or did Joe have it coming?
  • And what’s up with Coach Taylor having to break up yet another fight?
  • Redistricting? New (old) school? New rival? What could this mean for the future?
  • And were the names of Mindy’s friends legit?

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5 Responses to 3×11 “A Hard Rain” reaction

  1. Tahnya McKinney says:

    1. I think that Matt yelling at his mom in the hospital was a lot to do with the frustrations that he is feeling. He needed to blow off steam that he later figured out that is was not really what he should have done! At the end of the show with his mom he knows that he really needs her as much as she needs him.

    2. Tim is the only one who can really get thru to Lily right now and Buddy is drawing at strings to get back in his daughters good graces. He never should have used her college money for the investment, but he did and now he needs to see what he can do to make up with his daughter. It's a good thing for Tim to know that Buddy is finally maybe seeing that he really is not a bad guy?

    3. No I think she really cares for JD and wants him to know that she is going to fight for him.

    4. I don't think that JD was disrespectful at all. Joe expects way too much from his son….let him live and make his own mistakes. He is just making him resent his father for pushing him too much.

    5. Coach Taylor is the saving of it all. Everyone is just waiting for the next fight for him to break up, however I think there needs to be a fight with him and someone….let someone else break it up this time.

    I can't wait for the next episode. It is a great show and it just gets better!!

  2. Chris says:

    I stumbled across the Podcast after perusing the NBC message boards. First, FNL is an outstanding show for so many reasons. People reading these words already know those reasons, but suffice to say I love the show and the people. I'll discuss my thoughts on each of your points. I was hoping that Matt's mother and grandmother would have a 'peace accord' in the episode previous to this one. There seemed to be a short and small 'thaw' that never grew. I suppose in a 'real' situation, such a thaw might be too much to ask. But Matt seems to shoulder way too much of his grandmother's care. The 'Where are my SLIPPERS??' episode would have had me throwing rocks at this woman. For real. Yet Matt takes the burden on himself and seems to want to push away the one person (his mother) who can help and is willing to help. It's an awkward dynamic, these three, but Matt is the linchpin here. It's his to solve.

    Buddy has lost any leverage he previously had over Tim, because he's lost all leverage over his daughter. A lost father seeks advice from whomever and wherever. I loved Tim's final comment: "So, am I supposed to walk back from here?"

    Madison is only a distraction to JD's dad. He's all torqued up over her, while Katie is taking a more realistic approach ("He's a teenaged boy, for God's sake!"). My crystal ball sees this: The couple splits up and Katie is tempted to 'fall into the arms' of Eric next season. I can see these railroad tracks heading in that direction clear as day. There are so many ways it could evolve to that, and provide a potentially explosive story arc.

    Joe is 'too driven' and 'too wound-up.' JD knows it; Katie knows it. JD wasn't any more 'disrespectful' than he ought to be. Joe had it coming.

    Coach Taylor is ever the diplomat…always with a long, thoughtful pause before speaking. The relationship between Katie and Eric that I allude to above may had had its genesis at this moment. Conjecture and speculation on my part, I know. But I'm entitled to it :-).

    The redistricting arc was marvelous, and it strikes a chord with anyone who deals with small-town politics. Defining the borders based on some 6th-grade kid who's a good 'Nose Tackle' was hilarious, but at the same time illustrates the biases and special interests that end up taking the rest of us for a ride.

    Chris in New Hampshire

    • statedog says:

      Chris, Glad you found the podcast and blog. Hoping it can expand as the series [hopefully] continues. VERY interesting theory of Katie and Eric finding each others' arms. I have to think that even if Katie tried to run there, he'd resist those advances. The relationship between Eric and Tami is now the central focal point of the show. And this plot twist would rupture that. Don't you think?

  3. statedog says:

    Great thougths, Tahnya. I was glad to see Shelby not strike back at Matt. She knew her place based on their history as a broken family. Madison does seem quite bold. But maybe she just wants to be w/ QB1. Who can say for sure right now? I know if I were JD I would have said something to Papa Joe much earlier.

  4. Chris says:

    Well, I think that's what plot twists are all about…story arcs that the viewer thinks will 'rupture!' I think Katie and Eric is VERY plausible, and the seeds for that are already sewn because Tami and Katie are friends. Katie's marriage is already badly strained, and the one soothing influence for her beloved son JD is…Coach Taylor. Of course Coach will resist these advances. Viewers would mutiny otherwise. But women like Katie exist all over the place. Friendship with Tami be damned, Katie would fall into Eric's arms in a heartbeat. If FNL goes for a 4th season (and it ought to), this story arc is not far-fetched at all. There's only two more episodes we've yet to see, and I don't think Katie's turmoil fixes itself in that short timeframe.

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