3×10 The Giving Tree podcast

In this episode of Clear Eyes – Full Hearts we see Matt and Juile get caught in a compromising situation, Coach Taylor’s lock at head coach seem to slip just a little bit, Buddy Garrity lose his money, his cool, and his daughter, and Landry Clarke stand up big time to Tyra.

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1. I didn't expect Coach Taylor to walk into Matt's house. However, when he knocked no one answered which would worry me as a parent knowing my daughter was inside and an old woman lives there as well. An in regards to his reaction, we see Coach Taylor face problems and freak outs from other characters all of the time and he always maintains his external image. (that weird tense thing he does with his mouth) BUT, his internal emotions of maintaining his cool makes the audience wonder what he is thinking as well as portrays how powerful his thoughts are.
2.I feel the setting of this scene is very important and influencial to Coach Taylor's words to Matt. He says to him "that's my daughter, that is my daughter!" The power of his words to Matt conveys how important family and his possessions are to him. We especially know this because throughout each season Coach Taylor also says football is important to me but my Family is the most important thing in my life.
3. I love Landry as a person, with or without Tyra. However, Tyra brings out the best in Landry and Landry as a character knows this as well. He would do anything for the one's he loves especially Tyra. He loves to see people succeed (season 1, when he tutors Tim Riggins) and we see this when he puts aside things that mean alot to him for Tyra. Over time Landry learns that enough is enough and asks himself why should he have to give, give, give, and never receive! (a rare side from Landry) His giving tree example was a perfect metaphor.
4. I am still unsure of how I feel about both the characters , Lyla and Buddy. My feelings for Buddy go up and down. I like him and then I don't. However, I love how Buddy is learning the tough way how important family is in the world. When you have nothing else, family will always be there. Thats why I believe Coach Taylor and Buddy are becoming closer through the seasons. Coach Taylor always tries to repeat the importance of family. On the other hand, Lyle can come off as a spoiled brat but as you said its only because of Buddy giving her everything. Also, she is very smart and this may come from the high expectations her family had for her to be an all around popular, smart young woman. But we see a different side of Lyle with Tim Riggins. She feels that she can be free and break some of that mold. However, she still has goals in life and for her father to not see the importance of those goals, truly upsets Lyle.
5. The McCoy situation pisses me off all together. I feel JD needs and wants freedom to live a high school life, but his father has other plans for him and we see how JD does not want to disappoint him. I believe we need to take into account Mrs. McCoy. The audience gets a tiny notion that Mrs. McCoy wishes her son wasn't so pressured and could go out and meet a girl (Madison). But at the same time, we see Mrs. McCoy as a bystander to her husband and son's relationship. This kind of makes me angry and annoyed at certain points. I am not to sure how Madison and JD will play out but I hope for JD's sake that his parents allow this relationship to happen.

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